Lunais - Timespinner, Lunar Ray Games
Commander - Battle Group 2, Bane Games
Thief/Rogue/Dancer/Assassin - Lionheart Tactics, Emerald City Games
Momlady - Wholesome Family Dinnertime, krangGAMES
Cadence - Crypt of the NecroDancer, Brace Yourself Games
Additional Sadira/Orchid vocals - Killer Instinct, Microsoft
Captain/Gunner/Engineer - Guns of Icarus Online, Muse Games
Allie the Alligator emotes - Where's My Water, Disney Mobile
Narrator/Ship's Robot - The Traveler, Game Loop
Wood Witch - Pact, Lorestrome Productions
Demon girl - Shadow Tag, Elvidian Productions
Ariet/Mother - Age of Blood, Galaxy Interactive

Lois Lane - Superman Origins, Little Grim Animations
Annie - LOL Animation, MachinimaRealm
Overly Attached Girlfriend - ANIMEME
60 Year Old Girl - ANIMEME
Katarina - League of Legends ABC, LilyPichu
Cadence - Crypt of the NecroDancer trailer, Brace Yourself Games
Computer - Newgrounds TV Bump, Pico Day, DigsBot Animation
Keisha - The Fizzy Drink, Tara Graphics
Disney Star Wars - Sleepy Ninja Toast
Halloween Costumes - Sleepy Ninja Toast

"Passionate, enthusiastic and above all else, a talent that just can’t be measured - Elspeth Eastman is an up and coming, creative force to be reckoned with! All I can say about her sound design, her voice talent and her music genius is - wow… Wow… WOW!!" - Aaron Marks, composer/sound designer & author, "The Complete Guide to Game Audio"

"Elspeth is a multi-talented and hard working artist whom I’ve hired to record voice over for video games and kids projects. Her attention to detail and delivery speed is top notch. I can’t wait to work with her again!" - Adam Gubman, Composer

"To have the chance to work with Elspeth was truly amazing! Not only was she incredibly talented, she paid attention to every detail and took care to know the game and the world we aim to create. As a result, she embodied, owned, and elevated the characters and the situations the characters were in. She was diligent and fast in turning things around, and was super easy to work with. We can't recommend Elspeth highly enough." - Howard Tsao, Muse Games, Guns of Icarus Online

"With a deadline of yesterday, Ellie knocked out some perfect emotives for the mobile megahit 'Where's My Water?'. She's great to work with, and I'd hire her again in a heartbeat!" - David Ortega, Boston SoundLabs

"Working with Elspeth has been amazing. She has a great voice, takes direction extremely well, and handles our most difficult requests with ease. Best of all, she's a ton of fun to work with. :) Can't wait for our next session!" - Ryan Clark, Brace Yourself Games, Crypt of the NecroDancer

"Elspeth is a blast to work with and the best VA I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. Not even kidding. I promote her to every dev I meet, without question." - Hyptosis, Lorestrome Productions, Pact/Spellsword

"I've had the pleasure of working with Elspeth on several projects and she's consistently delivered excellent results. Her talents ranging from music composition to voice acting make her a valuable member of any team." - Alberto Fonseca, Game Loop, The Traveler

"Elspeth has a knack to make sounds you want to hear. Great music and voices, and awesome to work with!" - Walter Schmidt, SleepyNinjaToast Productions

"Elspeth was quick to deliver me exactly what I needed the first time out of the gate. It's good to have people doing work that you can rely on!" - Jim Welch, Composer/Sound Designer

"Working with Elspeth was a pleasure. She sounded exactly how we wanted her to sound and even added her special little touch to the audio. She concerned herself greatly with the details and made sure we were satisfied." - Kathryn Steele, STEELE Games, Windfall

"Elspeth is fantastic as she is both professional and great fun. I look forward to working with Elspeth much more in the future." - Sam Hughes, The Sound Architect

"Elspeth is a thorough professional. She takes the time to understand your needs, your audience, and her role in your vision. From final script to receiving the file, we had everything in less than a day. Elspeth is the best." - Zeb Wood, IndianaUploaded

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